• FIBER Weekends 2018

    Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing

  • FIBER Weekends 2018

    Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing

  • FIBER Weekends 2018

    Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing

  • FIBER Weekends 2018

    Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing

What is FIBER Weekends?

FIBER Weekends is a new, decentralized art event in Amsterdam. It presents state-of-the-art developments in art, design, electronic music and technology.

The programme takes place on two days – Friday 23/11 and Saturday 1/12 – and encompasses an audiovisual concert, daytime conference and club & performance night.


Focused on the theme ‘Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing’, FIBER Weekends 2018 explores complex technological systems and ungraspable natural phenomena through sensory experiences, and questions our understanding of them in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Through the lense of the arts, FIBER explores new and weird ways of understanding the world.


With Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing – Performing the Space Between Human and Alien, FIBER investigates the ‘act of art and performance’ presenting alternative ways to make ‘sense’ of the complex and often alienating world of today. Advanced simulation technologies, algorithms and AI systems propel human activity into alien terrain and dimensions.

At the same time – in the middle of an impending climate crisis – we slowly come to terms with the need to fundamentally reconnect human activities with other living and nonliving beings.

Moving from the hyperreality of advanced computer graphics, to our radically changing experience of time and space created by algorithms and AI, to the existential question: what does ‘life’ mean on other planets?

FIBER Weekends invites you to experience the search for new ways of sensing, building and knowing the world.


Music building – Concert 23/11

The Muziekgebouw – founded in 2005 – is the most important stage in the Netherlands for contemporary music. The venue offers more than 250 concerts per season in a great variety of genres including classical and electronic music.

The concert with Alva Noto, object blue and Valery Vermeulen takes place on Friday 23/11.

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Lab 111 – Conference 1/12

LAB111 is a cult cinema located in a monumental old pathological anatomical laboratory in Amsterdam. Their programming consists of special films that appeal to the imagination and encourage people to think and inspire.

The Coded Matter(s) Conference takes place at Saturday 1/12.

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OT301 – Club & Performances 1/12

The OT301 is one of Amsterdams finest places and stages for experimental and subculture music, art and cinema programmes (and a lot more). Started in 1999, when the building was squatted by a group of artists, they now offer an important artistic platform for music, club and art events.

We present our Club & Performance progamme at OT301.

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We thank our partners for their support

Our Team

  • Jarl Schulp

    Artistic Director
    Lars Brouwer

    Financial Management
    Phil van der Krogt

    Marketing & Communications
    Pavel Kovalski

    Lead Production
    Jorick Mulder

    Technical Production
    Danae Kleida

    Production & Marketing Support
    Bram Snijder

    Technical Production Support
    Eva Verboon

    Producer Conference
    Sietse van der Meer

    Social Media Live Report