Whitespace & Zois Loumakis


Whitespace is a sonic dialogue between Casimir Geelhoed and Anni Nöps. Carefully interlaced textures, ambiences and abstract sounds carve out an intimate aural landscape, drifting between soothing serenity and chaotic collapse. Combining the sound aesthetics of advanced technological systems, machine-like structures with more organic field recordings, the Whitespace sets are otherworldly places to visit.
At FIBER Weekends, they will present an immersive AV show in collaboration with light artist Zois Loumakis.

Zois Loumakis’ spatial installation explores how light, shadow, sound and space shape our sensory understanding and perception of our environment. In Loumakis’ work, physical dimensions become ill-defined and elusive, with segments of space seemingly appearing out of the void, immersing you into an ethereal environment of surround light.