Alan Warburton


Alan Warburton is an award-winning artist who explores software in contemporary culture. Known for his critically-acclaimed video essays like Goodbye Uncanny Valley, Warburton will give a keynote address in which he surveys the landscape of simulation software and avant-garde aesthetics. At Coded Matter(s), he asks the question: now that computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley and the battle for photoreal CGI has been won… what lies beyond?

Born in Stirling, Scotland in 1980. Recent notable works include Homo Economicus, Primitives and the video essays Goodbye Uncanny Valley and Spectacle, Speculation, Spam. He is currently an artist in residence at Somerset House Studios and researching with the CSNI research group at London South Bank University. Commissioned, screened, exhibited and broadcast internationally, he is a five-time recipient of Vimeo Staff Pick.