Alva Noto presents UNIEQAV

Live A/V

Alva Noto is the alias of Berlin-based sound and visual artist Carsten Nicolai. Co-founder of the revered NOTON label and frequent collaborator of Ryoji Ikeda, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Mika Vainio. Nicolai’s experiments in sound and light blur the lines between music, art and science. A staunch minimalist, he strips electronic music down to its core – glitchy, synthetic frequencies, pulsating white noise and rumbling basslines.

Alva Noto’s latest project UNIEQAV channels an intricate system of codes and signals into pristine sonic sculptures that shift between techno, ambient and drone. Live, UNIEQAV echoes its source material. Illuminating scientific phenomena like sound and light frequencies, Nicolai’s accompanying video works transform UNIEQAV into a dazzling audiovisual experience.