Vito Willems & Bin Koh

Live A/V

In this new experimental sound-light performance Vito Willems and Bin Koh will deconstruct the human voice and reconstruct it with various algorithmic software processes into a physical light-sound experience. By questioning other forms of communication, and challenging how the paralinguistic quality of human and non-human can be conveyed by the voice and translated into objects, this performance will trigger you on various sensory levels.

Part of the performance is based on the work Noema, which premiered at Sónar+D in Barcelona earlier this year. Using computational technology as a medium, Noema explored the multidimensionality in which sound can be presented; physical, visual and spatial dimensions cohered as an entity.

About the artists

Vito Willems is an audiovisual artist working at the intersection of sound, light and space. He’s interested in the experience of space through sound and how performativity can change the perception of space.

Bin Koh is an Amsterdam based visual artist and performer who recently graduated from the Master of Voice at the Sandberg Institute. The research and practice of Bin Koh are focused on mechanized and standardized female voices of human and non-human laborers who are often othered.

Performers: Vito Willems (NL) & Bin Koh (KR)
Sound & System Design: Vito Willems
Product Design: Joost Dankelman