NKISI (Live) [BE/


NKISI is the alias of Congolese-born and Belgium-raised DJ and producer Melika Ngombe Kolongo. Now-based in London, she dispenses hard-hitting productions and breakneck club sets that embrace a wealth club and new world sounds. Darts between African club, gabber, trance, techno and doomcore, NKISI reshapes standard-issue club narratives in the image of a new, stateless hardcore sound. In addition to her own repertoire, she’s also the co-founder of NON Records, a politically-charged collective championing cutting-edge music from Africa and the African diaspora. Together with fellow founders Angel-Ho and Chino Amobi, NKISI aims to disrupt the postcolonial axis of power in South Africa, the UK and the US, and to trigger and question collective memories.