Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair | Waltz Binaire


Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair will discuss his current works, which examine the nature of AI. The first installation Narciss is an AI that reflects on it’s own existence. Utilising Google’s Tensorflow framework, the experiment translates self-portraits of a digital body into lyrical guises. A performance of digital consciousness that combines Alan Turing’s concept of imitation with the concept of narrative identity, Mio asks: Can AI be a generator for sustainable questions and holistic discussions? Can we use emerging technologies as a mirror to human nature? and How do we create accessible narratives for people to participate and understand?

Christian “Mio” Loclair is creative director at Waltz Binaire,  Berlin, Germany. Mio started his professional career as a dancer in 2001 and won multiple Popping and Bboy battles, and choreographed theatre pieces.


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