Shailoh Phillips


Shailoh Phillips researches the limits and potential of critique in the age of entanglement.By investigating what happens as we ‘make’ things and how things are interconnected, she looks for ways to try and do impossible things. At Coded Matter(s), she asks: What kind of critical literacy is required for grappling with complex imperceptible systems? All this points to an underlying question: can we change systems? And if so, how?

Shailoh Phillips is an artist, researcher, educator and activist. She has spent the past decade working in the field of digital media and design education, as well as cultivating a collaborative studio practice and tinkering with electronics. She works along the interstices between making/thinking, building interdisciplinary bridges. Her practice revolves around fostering playful forms of resistance and seeking out pressure points to act in the face of social inequalities and unfolding ecological disasters.