Working on large-scale installations, sensory tools, audiovisual performances and experimental haptic environments, TeZ (Maurizio Martinucci) is an expert in the field of embodied experiences. In his multifaceted work and research, he also investigates, performs and reflects on the relationships between living and non-living, human and non-human agencies.

At Coded Matter(s), TeZ will illustrate his collaborative, with artist/professor Sofian Audry, work-in-progress “Xenolalia”. Xenolalia aims at the production of an installation where a deep learning artificial neural network is integrated as part of a symbiotic feedback loop between the organic/biological and the digital/artificial systems.


About the artist

TeZ is an Italian interdisciplinary artist and independent researcher, living and working in Amsterdam, who has collaborated with, amongst others, Adi Newton, Scanner, Kim Cascone, Taylor Deupree, Sonia Cillari, Chris Salter, Honor Harger and many others. He uses technology as a means to explore perceptual effects and the relationship between sound, light and space. In his works, he adopts custom developed software and hardware, featuring original techniques of sonification and visualization to investigate and magnify subtle vibrational phenomena.

In recent years his research has extended to the ideation and creation of specific architectural structures and unconventional sound and light propagation methods to enhance immersivity and multisensory perception. TeZ is also the mastermind of the ‘Optofonica’ platform for Synesthetic Art-Science.