Coded Matter(s)
Saturday 1, December

A one day conference


Coded Matter(s)

With the Coded Matter(s) conference programme FIBER presents the work of artists, designers, musicians, creative coders and researchers who reflect on the application and impact of advanced technologies on our present-day and future world. Sharing making processes you also get insights into the latest project at the intersection of art, technology and nature. The conference is also the final stage of the Worldbuilding trilogy that FIBER organized throughout 2018.

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Location: Lab111
Date: Saturday, 1 December
Time: 11:00 – 18:00 (network drinks 18:00 – 20:00)
Price: €22 / €16 for Students

Students must present a valid Student ID upon entering.
FIBER Weekends 2018 Saturday Passes (€30) also grant access to this event.

Neural Mirrors: Machine Learning & the Arts

Speakers: Christian Loclair, Joana Chicau & Jonathan Reus

11:00 – 12:30

In recent years, we have experienced the rapid growth and applications of machine learning systems. These days it’s possible for independent artists to code, train and apply these systems, or use existing online services, in artistic contexts. In the first section of our conference, we ask the question: How is machine learning influencing the production, experience, and storage of art, design and music. And what alternative insights do we learn from these artistic applications and experiments that we don’t get from market-driven innovations?

Entangled Systems: Reading, writing and performing complex systems

Speakers: Shailoh Phillips (Studio Babel), TeZ, NXS World

In collaboration with KIKK Festival

13:15 – 14:40

We live, interact and navigate within complex systems. From the technological infrastructure of an economy to our undeniable presence in ecological systems. How do we relate to these processes that are either too big or opaque to make ‘sense’ of?

This session explores possible ways of developing ‘system literacy’ for living to nonliving systems. Expect speakers working in the domains of creative/live coding, critical making, infrastructure research, bio-art, and eco-engineering.

Reality Engines: Beyond uncanny valley & into the digital grotesque

Speakers: Alan Warburton, The Rodina, Kevin Bray

15:00 – 16:30

How do artists use game technology to realise new representations of nature, our relationship with advanced technologies and the self? What possibilities open up for artists when using game space, CGI-technologies and game engines? What is there to gain when experimenting with these technologies in films, performances and installations?

This session explores the concept of simulation; its (im)possiblities to map and make sense of un-human processes and speculates on future applications.

Ways of Sensing: New modes of sensing and thinking

Speakers: NKISI, Waèl el Allouche, Sissel Marie Tonn

17:00 – 18:00

In this final session, we reflect on different approaches to knowledge creation of systems and agents that act beyond human experience from an embodied perspective.

What new forms of artistic research exist at the intersection between ‘experience’ and ‘knowing’? Can a more embodied way of interaction with advanced technologies create new forms of knowledge?

Network Drinks & Food

After the conference we invite you to the Network Drinks to meet our network, the conference speakers, (inter)national festival partners and the other conference visitors. Have a drink at the bar at Lab111, enjoy music or order a selection of food from the restaurant.

The Network Drinks will take place from 18:00 – 19:45.


Strangelove Restaurant & Bar at Lab111
You are most welcome to come and dine during the FIBER Weekends after the conference. The kitchen opens at 5:30 PM and is also open during the day for lunch, coffee, drinks or a snack. Strangelove carries a small but brave international menu with daily fresh products.

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