Two brand new works


If/Then (2018)

Gabey Tjon a Tham

Everyday we are surrounded by machines and technological systems that have their very own internal clocks. The new installation If/Then by The Hague based artist Gabey Tjon a Tham is an attempt to make sense of these non-human systems of time we daily interact with. Our human perception of time is radically different than the workings of computational time.

We perceive time in a subjective and fluid way, while computer time, and rules, is measurable in strict and miniaturized sequences and programmed units. Inspired by quantum mechanics theory and code architecture functions, Gabey tries to reimagine a fundamental conditional statement ‘If/Then’ by implementing a natural, fluid element- water – in its execution process.

The If/Then statement is used in computer programming to create a decision structure: if A happens, then B or C is executed. Adding in a fluid into this rigid decisions systems, Gabey opens up new and unexpected outcomes and interactions within digital systems. If/Then investigates a more flexible way of experiencing computational time that is closer to our own perception.

The project is commissioned by FIBER and is created with the support of the Crossing Parallels programme (TodaysArt & TU Delft), Stroom and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Location: 4Bid Gallery
Opening: Saturday, 1 December
Time: 20:15 – 01:00, Welcome Speech 20:30
Visiting Hours: Sunday, 2 December 13:00 – 19:00



LFS2 (2018)

Dieter Vandoren & Mariska De Groot

LFS2 is an installation originating from the two artists’ ongoing research into dynamic architectures composed of solid and ephemeral media. The artists treat audiovisual media, orchestrated and autonomous artificial entities as building blocks for immersive, emergent architectures. The territories of digital and analog media, solid matter and sensory experience fade into each other in these artificial ecosystems.

LFS2 is commissioned work by FIBER in collaboration with KIKK festival (Namur, BE). 

In LFS2, innovative and antiquated technologies meet in a forest of light and sound emitting nodes intersected by monolithic optical fiber artifacts. Sculptural light beams orchestrate the emergent pulsing and waving field emerging from the swarm of autonomous units that radiate signal waves in both light and sound.  

Mariska de Groot and Dieter Vandoren are members of the artist collective iii. Their work explores speculative branches in the tree of media evolution. Using both new and obsolete technologies they create instruments and performances that engage with the human senses and the human body.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to postpone the presentation of LFS2 at FIBER Weekends. FIBER and the artists (in collaboration with KIKK) are working on the Amsterdam presentation of LFS2 in the coming weeks.