CAO & Michael Tan present The Burial Theme

A mesmerizing exploration of precolonial cosmology

01 | 11 | 18

Peruvian electronic music composer CAO and Australian visual artist Michael Tan team up to present the Dutch premiere of their new live multi-media performance The Burial Theme at the FIBER Weekends 2018 Club & Performance Night on Saturday, 1 December.

Entitled, The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port and Objects, CAO & Michael Tan‘s new project is inspired by ancient Moche iconography and cosmology. Exploring the ceremonial object both in its native context and as an “unearthed object,” it seeks to express the connection with both ancient narratives and the transience and decay that operate in the natural world. This object, usually presented as a recipient, acts as a gateway or threshold, a geometrical key of sorts, and signifies the ceremonial space and a readiness to a transfer between the worlds of the living and the dead, vision and blindness, and the sacred and the profane.

Originally commissioned by the Institute for Sound and Music, The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port and Objects makes its Dutch premiere at FIBER Weekends 2018. Watch a teaser below and catch CAO & Michael Tan live at the Sensory Shifts Club & Performance Night at OT301 on Saturday, 1 December.

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