Listen to Szare’s Selections Playlist

A soundtrack to make 'sense' of our complex and alienating world.

29 | 11 | 18

Manchester bass-techno veteran Szare has put together a special playlist ahead of Saturday’s performance at Sensory Shifts.

In response to the FIBER Weekends 2018 theme, Sensing Beyond, Beyond Sensing, Szare has pulled together a selection of tracks representing “alternative ways to make ‘sense’ of the complex world of today.” In his own words:

“That Raime track (The Nourishing Cycle) taken from their EP Am I Using Content or is Content Using Me immediately struck me as being perfect starting point,” Andrew writes via email, “being partly made up of YouTube bloopers and fail videos that litter peoples newsfeeds.”

From there, Szare dives into songs by Deena Abdelwahed, DJ Marfox and more – tracks that not only make up his current inspirations, but are united in their ability to “flourish amongst the often alienating world.”

Dig in below and join us at OT301 for the Sensory Shifts: Club & Performance Night on Saturday, 1 December.

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